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Duan & Duan Xiamen was founded on April 18, 2016. Located on the 22nd floor of Zhongmin Building, Binbei CBD—a high-end business district on the Xiamen Island—this 1,500 m2 office boasts world-class modern facilities. The office continues the Duan & Duan legacy of building its reputation by offering premium service through its professional legal teams. The office has been active in recruiting local millennial legal talent—in just three years, its attorneys have reached 58 and trainees 10. Such fast growth is recognized by both the legal community and society as a whole.

Area of Expertise

Duan & Duan Xiamen is committed to its professional development. Its practices include Labor & Employment, Taiwan & International, Corporate, Criminal, Demolition, Relocation & Rural Collective Property Rights, Maritime, Construction & Engineering, and Finance & Insurance. It also has legal teams dedicated to serving various industries such as logistics, and financing and leasing. The Xiamen Office takes pride in its teamwork and believes that close cooperation and mutual support between its teams are the foundation for lasting success.

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Received recognition

INTA Industry member

Member of equity Custody trading Center

Only member of USLAW NETWORK, Inc. Asia Pacific region

Federation of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises

2014-2016 Class A qualification of Shanghai Foreign consulting Institutions

Star Of Hope Law Firm - International Law Union Summit (ILASA)

Securities legal business qualification certificate

Top 10 fastest growing law firms in China

National Excellent Law Firm

Shanghai Civilized Unit

Shanghai Civilized Law Firm

Commercial law Firm of excellence

Chambers Corporate Law/Dispute Resolution Leading firm

Chambers, The leading dispute resolution law firm in Asia Pacific

Customer service

Duan & Duan Xiamen’s clientele includes the following companies, government agencies, and civil society organizations:

I. The office is on the rosters of the following entities as their legal service provider:
1.Xiamen Branch, Export–Import Bank of China
2.Xiamen Subsidiary, China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation
3.Zoina Land Group (for M&A)
4.Xiamen Municipal State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission
5.Xiamen Branch, China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited (for Litigation)
6.Xiamen Subsidiary, People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China Limited (for Litigation)
7.Xiamen SME Service Center
8.Xiamen High-Tech Innovation Center
9.PetroChina Fujian Marketing Company
10.Xiamen Subsidiary, Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company Of China, Ltd.
11.China Taiping General Insurance Co., Ltd.
12.Xiamen Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (for Litigation)

Ⅱ. The office has served as legal advisor to the following government agencies and civil society organizations:
1.Xiamen Nan’an Chamber of Commerce
2.Fujian Provincial Property Management Association     
3.Fujian Building Decoration Association            
4.Home Service Association                      
5.Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce      
6.Xiamen Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association
7.Audit Bureau, Huli District, Xiamen
8.Taiwan Affairs Office, Siming District, Xiamen
9.Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sports
10.Huli Sub-District Office, Huli District, Xiamen
11.Yundang Sub-District Office, Siming District, Xiamen
12.Xiamen E-Chamber of Commerce
13.Xiamen Ganzhou Chamber of Commerce
14.Xiamen Ji’an Chamber of Commerce
15.Xiamen Zhao’an Chamber of Commerce
16.Quanzhou Animation & Comic Industry Association
17.Xiamen Property Management Association
18.Xiamen Electric Bicycle Sales Association
19.Xiamen Food Industry Association
20.Xiamen International Freight Agency Association
21.Xiamen Jiangxia Culture Research Institute
22.Xiamen Automobile Dealers Association
23.Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce
24.Xiamen Xinluo Chamber of Commerce

Join us

Duan & Duan Xiamen welcomes all legal talent in Fujian. An enabling environment for development, the Xiamen Office is where people grow with the team towards shared success!