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In May 2019, Duan & Duan Nanjing was founded as a reorganization of the Jiangsu Zhongmeng Law Firm. The firm was founded in July 1997 with the approval of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice as a partnership-based legal service provider directly under the Department.

Duan & Duan Nanjing is a beautiful office located in Nanjing city with easy access to supporting facilities. A harmonious workplace, the office takes pride as a fair-wage employer. Its seasoned and accomplished attorneys prioritize the clients’ interests before anything else. Through honest and rigorous practice, the professionals are dedicated to offering efficient and quality service in a wide variety of fields. For over 20 years, Duan & Duan Nanjing has grown into a full-service law firm with a focus on corporate legal affairs, asset disposal, investment liquidation and reorganization, intellectual property, construction and engineering, and real estate.

Area of Expertise

Duan & Duan Nanjing’s practices include Corporate, Intellectual Property, Construction, Engineering & Real Estate, and Bankruptcy & Liquidation. Supported by the headquarter’s resource network, the office aims at serving both China and the rest of the world.

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The attorneys at Duan & Duan Nanjing are renowned for their ethics and competence. ZHOU Huiyao, director of the office, serves the following positions concurrently: Deputy Director, Corporate Law Committee & Council member, Nanjing Branch, Jiangsu Provincial Bar Association; and Deputy Director, Finance and Taxation Committee, Jiangsu Provincial Bar Association. With diverse specializations, the lawyers work for a variety of large SOEs and private businesses. Recognized by both the legal community and society, the office is well trusted by public institutions, companies, government agencies, and individuals.

Received recognition

INTA Industry member

Member of equity Custody trading Center

Only member of USLAW NETWORK, Inc. Asia Pacific region

Federation of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises

2014-2016 Class A qualification of Shanghai Foreign consulting Institutions

Star Of Hope Law Firm - International Law Union Summit (ILASA)

Securities legal business qualification certificate

Top 10 fastest growing law firms in China

National Excellent Law Firm

Shanghai Civilized Unit

Shanghai Civilized Law Firm

Commercial law Firm of excellence

Chambers Corporate Law/Dispute Resolution Leading firm

Chambers, The leading dispute resolution law firm in Asia Pacific

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