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Duan & Duan Madrid is a preeminent law firm in the legal community of Spain. Its Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Argentine experts advise on international businesses across various sectors. Their premium service and professional advice are well acclaimed by the clients. 

Duan & Duan Madrid’s predecessor is Práctica Legal, a market leader in Spain. Práctica Legal was founded in 1983. Headquartered in Madrid, it is present in Spain, Portugal, China, and Argentina. As an international full-service law firm, Práctica Legal boasts over 120 attorneys and is known as one of the most established and reputable among the law firms in Spain. The firm covers most corporate and individual legal demands.

Area of Expertise

The backbone of the Madrid Office—the former banking and finance teams of Práctica Legal—consists of seasoned professionals that can provide comprehensive services to protect clients from legal exposure in taxation, labor and employment, administration, and competition.

Duan & Duan Madrid’s practices in this field include:

1.Corporate Financing and M&A

The office helps with bilateral and syndicated loans for financial institutions and borrowers. It also undertakes leveraged buyout financing and asset financing, reorganization of distressed businesses in the secondary loan market, and refinancing of defaulted loans (new capital and non-performing loan transactions). In addition, the office advises on structured finance and derivatives.

2.Project Financing

The office provides international, professional, and comprehensive consultancy for project financing across all sectors. Its quality service has been highly recognized by various international publications.


The banking and finance teams are dedicated to retail banking services, including factoring, leasing, verification, credit card, mortgage and consumer financing, asset and raw material financing, and foreign trade.


With the help of Duan & Duan Madrid, its clients won their claims against Bankia, Popular, and Santander Bank. Financial loss was recovered without pre-action costs. 


Duan & Duan Madrid has played a pivotal role in evolving the commercial law in Spain, and has advised many companies from different countries. With decades of experience, Práctica Legal provides client-specific consultancy and complete solutions, and is highly regarded in the commercial law practice.

The office has been committed to providing tailored solutions and long-term visions to minimize future legal exposure. Its quality and competent service is well trusted by its clients. 


The commerce team also offers consultancy and solutions to SMEs and MNCs on a range of issues from founding to cessation, including filing and amending articles of association and internal rules and regulations, capital increase and reduction, ownership transfer analytics, ownership structure, and board secretary and other governing functions.   

The attorneys are acclaimed for their effective assistance in brokering agreements between shareholders. They also advise on senior management organization, and company relocation and reorganization, including restructuring, M&A, demerger, and transfer of domestic and international assets, in addition to mediating shareholder disputes and negotiations.

7.Domestic and International Contract Advisory

With its comprehensive expertise, the Madrid Office supports companies in domestic and international contract negotiations both legally and strategically. Present in drafting, negotiating, analyzing, and interpreting contracts, the attorneys safeguard clients’ interests every step of the way, and simplify complex provisions to reach the desired goals.

8.Administrative Law

Duan & Duan Madrid’s administrative law practice advises both companies and individuals by producing administrative law reports and legal opinions, offering administrative defense, and facilitating the administrative procedures in domestic and international economic activities. For real estate—a market with complex transactions, the office advises individuals and companies on their investment, and assists in their interactions with administrative authorities.

9.Administrative Procedures and Litigations

Práctica Legal’s administrative law practice offers legal assistance for all administrative procedures, especially sanctions by regulatory authorities (energy, transportation, consumer protection, audit, securities market, and banking), and administrative litigations. The practice is also experienced in human rights protection proceedings before the constitutional court. 


Duan & Duan Madrid’s administrative law practice assists companies and individuals with expropriation, alternative agreements, and all matters related to expropriation reversion.

11.Urban Planning

Práctica Legal’s comprehensive services cover urban planning from its conceptualization to implementation.   


For labor law—an ever-changing complex practice, the office offers quality advice to businesses’ labor functions for effective management. By understanding the uniqueness of every client, the office provides consultancy, legal support, and high value-added strategies in this challenging field.

The Madrid Office is recognized for its performance in litigation, internal flexibility practices (changes to working conditions and relocations), workforce reorganization, collective bargaining, senior management, distributed production, corporate reorganization, cross-border mobility, labor audit, social security, and occupational hazard prevention. 

13.Comprehensive Labor Law Advisory

The Madrid Office advises domestic and transnational corporations on labor law, to help them manage their workforce strategically, and observe existing regulations concerning labor and social security. Its client-specific teams can provide tailored advice on the international relocation of employees.


The office’s labor practice will offer preventive measures to minimize labor disputes. In the event where settlement is impossible, the attorneys will conduct litigations in Spain and Portugal to safeguard the interests of the clients.  


With over 35 years of experience, Práctica Legal’s taxation practice offers the following services: analyze and define corporate and financial structure; reduce tax expenditures for family businesses in line with tax benefit policies and existing regulations; advise on tax optimization for family businesses; analyze and advise on taxation related to ownership transfer in family businesses; comprehensive and regular advisory for family businesses; analyze liquidity channels; analyze tax structure for family businesses’ investment and divestiture during internationalization; advise on tax benefits for charity events; and enforce tax provisions in family protocols.


The Madrid Office’s insurance and civil liability practice offers the following services:
Corporate: structuring insurance or reinsurance companies, founding overseas subsidiaries, and insurance practices in less restrictive economies; and
Regulatory: administrative approval, revocation, supervision, violation, and punishment concerning insurance and reinsurance; transfer of insurance and reinsurance contracts and clients; insurance mediation; life and casualty insurance; damage, fire, and theft insurance; transportation, vehicle, and civil liability insurance; credit and guarantee insurance; legal defense for insurance companies; subrogation; and double insurance.

17.Real Estate

The Madrid Office boasts a unique and reliable team of real estate experts well-versed in banking, M&A, developer financing, taxation, funds, securities, derivatives, litigation, asset financing, environment, engineering, planning, and zoning. They can help clients create value, share risks, improve profitability, and reduce tax expenditures.


The office’s services in the hotel and entertainment sector include hotel acquisition and sales, acquisition financing, bilateral and syndicated loans, hotel management contracts, real estate investment trust funds, and real estate financing and litigation. 

19.Práctica Legal Consultancy

Proper accounting is the basis for effective and informed business management. The Madrid Office provides complete accounting management services, and constantly keeps the clients updated. 

The office’s accounting services include: prepare general ledgers; formulate accounting analytics; prepare balance sheets and regular accounts; prepare official books of accounts; prepare or audit annual accounts; perform and supervise legal obligations at business registration authorities; and control fixed assets and their depreciation. 

At the same time, the office also advises companies who perform accounting on their own for improvement and solutions. This includes accounting consolidation and preparation of comprehensive annual financial reports; formulate financial reports for holding companies based in Spain; identification of the impact of financial restructuring; IFRS implementation; and technical accounting support to evaluate the impact of adopting new accounting standards, rules, and interpretations.

The office also offers a range of management and consultancy services in forms most suitable to clients’ needs in the field of labor. They include: examine administrative and economic procedures; design cost structure; formulate feasibility reports; and establish subsidiaries, branches, and offices.

Lines of Business

M&A: sales; demerger and partial divestiture; acquisition; and consolidation, merger, and strategic alliance;BuyOut,Management BuyIn,Secondary BuyOut

Venture capital: search for investors; capital development, extension, or replacement; procedures and management of leveraged buyout; buyout; buy-in management; and secondary buyout

Financial restructuring: design and renegotiation of financial structure, asset and corporate refinancing, and sales of assets for cash flow

Consultancy and real estate: actuarial, insurance, and real estate advisory for big and medium-sized companies

Mergers and Acquisitions

For M&A, we advise companies, venture capital funds, and other institutions on the following matters: company sales; demerger, partial divestiture, and sales of business functions; M&A procedures; consolidation, merger, and strategic alliance; and business valuation

Stage 0: planning, company analysis and valuation, and candidate identification
Stage 1: proposal presentation, preliminary negotiation, term sheet, or non-binding offer
Stage 2: candidate finalization, due diligence, final negotiation, contract drafting, and closure
Tailored advisory will be offered at all stages: alternative planning, valuation report, due diligence management and coordination, and key contract elements (statement and guarantee, partnership agreement, bonus, and permanence)

know Madrid Attorney in the office

In recent years, with its quality, integrity, and professionalism, Duan & Duan Madrid has further improved its clientele and its connections with the economic and administrative authorities. In legal research and advisory, Duan & Duan Madrid fully embraces the challenges and honors its promises to its clients, hence its high visibility in Spain, Portugal, and Argentina.

Received recognition

INTA Industry member

Member of equity Custody trading Center

Only member of USLAW NETWORK, Inc. Asia Pacific region

Federation of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises

2014-2016 Class A qualification of Shanghai Foreign consulting Institutions

Star Of Hope Law Firm - International Law Union Summit (ILASA)

Securities legal business qualification certificate

Top 10 fastest growing law firms in China

National Excellent Law Firm

Shanghai Civilized Unit

Shanghai Civilized Law Firm

Commercial law Firm of excellence

Chambers Corporate Law/Dispute Resolution Leading firm

Chambers, The leading dispute resolution law firm in Asia Pacific

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