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Founded in May 2013, Duan & Duan Kunming has built a sizeable team of professional attorneys. In just four years, the Kunming Office has risen to the top in corporate governance, business M&A and reorganization, bankruptcy liquidation and reorganization, PPP IPO, NEEQ listing, fund establishment, and government legal advisory.

The office is well-recognized for its achievements: Duan & Duan Kunming is the permanent legal member of the Jiangsu and the Nanking Chambers of Commerce in the Yunnan Province, and the permanent legal advisor and the Legal Service Center of the Association For Economic Cooperation and Trade Promotion Between Yunnan And Southeast Asia and South Asia. The firm is also named by the All China Lawyers Association and the Yunnan Provincial Lawyers Association as one of the top attorney teams.

Area of Expertise

Duan & Duan Kunming’s practices include: Corporate Legal Advisory, Investment and Financing, Labor, Personal Injury, Mining, Real Estate, Criminal, and South and Southeast Asia. All practices are led by senior partners to provide professional services.

1.South and Southeast Asia
Consultancy on legal matters in South and Southeast Asia; and legal advisory to Chinese, South Asian, and Southeast Asian companies on Chinese and foreign laws and regulations concerning incorporation, project investment, joint development (operation), etc., in China, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Corporate ownership and legal governance restructuring; the establishment and improvement of modern corporate governance; company bankruptcy, liquidation, and debt repayment; permanent legal counsel to companies of different ownership structures, sizes, and operating systems; and other company-specific legal services.

Tailored legal services for IPO candidates in ownership restructuring, asset reorganization, roadshow, and listing; chief coordinating attorney services; preparation of IPO prospectuses, legal opinions, and work reports; legal advisor, independent director of the board and the supervisory committee to securities, investment, and public companies; and legal opinions on or attestations to public companies’ major capital operations.

Financial negotiations; preparation of legal documents; legal service for venture capital and investment fund management; assistance in credit review and management, and debt collection; distressed debt restructuring; and design, conceptualization, and implementation of business financial plans.

5.Intellectual Property
IP transfer and licensing; preparation of IP transaction contracts; and investigation and claims on the infringement of copyright, patents, trademarks, software, and trade secrets.

Defense for all types of criminal proceedings at all levels in all areas; representation for all parties in all types of civil and administrative litigations at all levels in all areas; and representation for litigations and sanctions related to finance, insurance, credit, settlement, guarantee, claims, securities, futures, options, trade, investment, equity, engineering and real estate, and IP.

7.Real Estate and Engineering
Assistance in legal filings for land use right transfer and alienation; assistance for real estate developers in founding project companies and related legal matters; legal services for bidders and recipients in engineering biddings; and legal support for real estate developers in property sales.

Case-specific legal service and consultancy for government agencies, businesses, public institutions, financial institutions, and individuals; legal advisory for legal persons and citizens; and other legal services permitted or not prohibited by Chinese laws and regulations.

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The book series on the laws of South Asian countries, co-edited by Duan & Duan Kunming, was awarded the first prize in social science publications by the Yunnan Provincial Government. Based on Duan & Duan’s extensive international network, the Kunming Office, as the Yunnan Provincial Southeast Asia Legal Service Center, provides quality cross-border support for the Belt and Road Initiative.

Received recognition

INTA Industry member

Member of equity Custody trading Center

Only member of USLAW NETWORK, Inc. Asia Pacific region

Federation of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises

2014-2016 Class A qualification of Shanghai Foreign consulting Institutions

Star Of Hope Law Firm - International Law Union Summit (ILASA)

Securities legal business qualification certificate

Top 10 fastest growing law firms in China

National Excellent Law Firm

Shanghai Civilized Unit

Shanghai Civilized Law Firm

Commercial law Firm of excellence

Chambers Corporate Law/Dispute Resolution Leading firm

Chambers, The leading dispute resolution law firm in Asia Pacific

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