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Duan & Duan Jinan is licensed by the Shandong Provincial Department of Justice as a law firm directly under the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Justice. Located at the center of East Jinan, the office sits in the same building complex with the Jinan Municipal Party Commission and Government, Jinan Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Jinan Municipal Bureau of Public Security, and the Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium. The office’s minimalist and elegant style, which combines the traditional with the modern, epitomizes the office’s philosophy of honoring the past and embracing the future. 

Area of Expertise

Duan & Duan Jinan serves its clients with the following teams:

1.Compliance Risk Management Research Center
Drawing from Duan & Duan’s global network, the center employs over ten legal experts and professors for collaborative research across a variety of sectors and disciplines. With their forward-thinking, innovative, and systematic research, the center explores the new demands and frontiers of, and the innovative approaches to corporate compliance risk management. With its original and standardized risk management services, the center helps businesses build compliance management systems consisting of full-fledged corporate governance architecture; stable, sustainable, and feasible internal control; and defined and strictly followed CSR. By controlling compliance risks, the center helps companies achieve lasting success. 

2.Compliance Advisory Service Center
The center boasts a team of experts and attorneys with both international vision and local experience. Team members include former judges, police officers, prosecutors, corporate compliance officers, and banking compliance officers, in addition to tax specialists, accountants, law scholars, and foreign educated professionals. The center offers a variety of tailored compliance services such as risk identification and evaluation, design and configuration of management systems, and risk education and training.

3.Criminal Compliance Service Center
The center employs seasoned criminal defense attorneys, criminal law experts, and experienced talent in criminal investigations and trials, to provide strong defense for criminal suspects, and advise companies and entrepreneurs on criminal compliance. More specifically, the center:
Eliminates criminal risks by preventing companies and entrepreneurs from breaking the law;
Protects companies and entrepreneurs from criminal victimization for healthy development; and
Advises companies and entrepreneurs on the appropriate means to seek relief and defend their lawful rights and interests in the event of injury.

4.Team PhD
Team PhD consists of full-time and part-time attorneys and around 20 PhDs in law from universities and research institutes. The team offers robust support to the office’s theoretical research and legal practice. 

Duan & Duan Jinan puts its clients first and stays committed to solving their problems. With its pursuit of excellence, close teamwork, and flexibility, the Jinan Office aims at becoming a preeminent law firm that carries on Duan & Duan’s heritage of enterprise and perseverance. 


1.Compliance Risk Management
Compliance risk identification and evaluation, design and configuration of management systems, risk control and response, risk education and training, etc.

2.Corporate Legal Affairs
Legal risk control for top-level design of corporate structure, business models, business contracts, labor and employment, taxation, intellectual property, SOE restructuring, M&A, consolidation and demerger, dissolution, liquidation, etc.

3.Finance and Capital Markets
Legal risk control for capital operations such as investment and financing; PE/venture capital, domestic and offshore IPO, and other securities businesses; establishment of securities investment funds; corporate refinancing; material asset restructuring; design of incentive stock options for senior management and other employees; syndicated loans; financing for cross-border M&A; financial leasing; establishment and funding of PE funds; domestic and overseas trust planning, etc.

4.Domestic and International Dispute Settlement
Arbitration and/or litigation for high-end business disputes, corporate ownership disputes, urbanization, labor disputes, banks and other financial institutions, investment funds and fund advisors, real estate, government contracts, domestic and cross-border disputes, intellectual property, etc. 

5.Construction, Engineering, and Real Estate
Real estate transfer and acquisition; real estate financing; legal supervision during land seizure and relocation; legal supervision for construction; verification of extracontractual obligations; sale and transfer of supporting public buildings; planning and approval of supporting public buildings; planning for sales of above-ground parking space; planning for value-added sales of underground parking space in civil air defense units; risk prevention for developers’ temporary guarantees; solutions to contractors’ delays in completion and acceptance; standardization of real estate after-sales maintenance procedures; standardization of completion and payment procedures; real estate-related legal training, etc.

6.Marriage, Family, and Inheritance
Family disputes settlement: mediation and litigation for divorce and inheritance; family governance and planning: will planning, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, family charters, will supervision and execution, and family wealth top-level planning and design; and family business governance: ownership structure design, compliance management, and tax planning.

7.Criminal Defense and Compliance
Legal advisory; representation in appeals, complaints, visits, and bail applications; and criminal defense for criminal suspects or defendants; and criminal and civil representation for private prosecutors, and victims and their close relatives in publicly prosecuted cases. Compliance investigations, criminal risk evaluation, risk prevention advisory, response to criminal investigation and defense, and representation in criminal and criminal & civil cases to control companies’ exposure to criminal prosecutions, regulate their business activities, prevent criminal liability, and minimize damage.

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With its pursuit of excellence, close teamwork, and flexibility, Duan & Duan Jinan puts its clients first by offering premium legal services. The office uses state-of-the-art Internet technologies and digital tools, and performs visualized step-by-step project management for every case. The efficient, close, and coordinated cooperation between its attorneys guarantees top quality work.

Received recognition

INTA Industry member

Member of equity Custody trading Center

Only member of USLAW NETWORK, Inc. Asia Pacific region

Federation of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises

2014-2016 Class A qualification of Shanghai Foreign consulting Institutions

Star Of Hope Law Firm - International Law Union Summit (ILASA)

Securities legal business qualification certificate

Top 10 fastest growing law firms in China

National Excellent Law Firm

Shanghai Civilized Unit

Shanghai Civilized Law Firm

Commercial law Firm of excellence

Chambers Corporate Law/Dispute Resolution Leading firm

Chambers, The leading dispute resolution law firm in Asia Pacific

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For sustainable development, the Jinan Office has developed its own employee excellence program which incorporates training and mentorship into all HR procedures. A wide stage for attorneys to showcase their talent, the office is where legal dreams come true.