ShenzhenOffice  :

Duan&Duan Shenzhen branch was established in June 2013 through a merger with the Guangdong Lawyer Law Firm, established in 2003. Through combined efforts, the Shenzhen office was transformed from a quality local firm into a well-known China-wide law firm concentrating on a host of businesses (such as, real estate development, construction projects, urban village reconstruction and relocation, project financing and disposal of non-performing assets). The Shenzhen branch provides highly capable attorneys and has a strong foot print in the local real estate market.

Duan&Duan Shenzhen branch has been legal advisors for: Shenzhen Zhenhua Group, Shenzhen Xiling Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Aoxia Co.,Ltd, New World Estate Development Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Beilingju Hotel, Shenzhen Shinco Estate Company, Guangdong Taisheng Insurance Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Taiyuan Investment Co.,Ltd, China Zhonghaizhi Company, Shenzhen Zifu (Group) Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Luohu District Xiantongyujing Owners Committee, Shenzhen Luohu District Hailonghuayuan Owner Committee, Shenzhen Jiesheng Freight Co.,Ltd, Hong Kong Su Energy Resource Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Nuoer Technology Co.,Ltd, Liaoning Federation of Industry and Commerce, China Xinxing Corporation Liaoning Estate Development Co.,Ltd, Northeast University, Liaoning Feather Industry Company, Shanghai Jiabao Industrial Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Huayi Telecom Product Co.,Ltd, Shunguan Electronics (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd, etc.

Duan&Duan Shenzhen branch has talented lawyers with not only an education in law, but also in construction engineering and finance and who are multilingual. They graduated from well-known domestic and overseas institutions and have acquired workexperience in large real estate development and construction enterprises, architectural design institutes, commercial banks, colleges and universities, news institutes, courts and government departments.