Beijing Office  :

       Founded in August, 2006, Duan&Duan (Beijing Office), as a prestigious law firm with an international profile and practicing law in accordance with international standards, is keeping the advantage in the particular area, in the same time, is capable of providing our clients with same high-quality legal services across a wide range of fields.

Founded in August 2006, Duan&Duan (Beijing Office) has also earned a reputation as a prestigious law firm with an international focus delivering legal services in accordance with international standards. The Beijing Office provides our clients with equally high-quality legal services, which also are across a wide range of industries and practice areas.

        Before the Beijing Office opened, Duan&Duan had already started to leave a footprint in the Beijing legal services market. From years in the region, Duan&Duan acquired and continues to maintain respected relationships with government and semi-government entities. A short list of these entities includes the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, State Administration for Industry & Commerce of PRC, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Ministry of Housing and Urban- Rural Development of the PRC, The Supreme People’s Court of the PRC, and The Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the PRC.

        The Beijing Office affords Duan&Duan the ability to service and represent conveniently its domestic and overseas clientslocated or doing business in Beijing or its neighboring cities..