Duan & Duan has been devoted to providing professional and efficient dispute resolution services since establishment. Domestic dispute resolution is a traditional business of lawyers, which directly influences the protection of a client’s interest. Duan & Duan highly values services provided in this area, and concentrates on ensuring the dispute resolution services provided meet the following three criterions: 

1. Professional Services. The Domestic Dispute Resolution Department has many legal expertswho are highly qualified and who have been practicing for a long time. Some of our attorneys previously served for judicial institutions, including courts and procuratorates or still are serving as arbitrators for

reputable arbitration tribunals. To ensure the optimal service is provided, Duan & Duan will appoint a senior attorney with the most suitable credentials to oversee and be in charge of a case.  

2. Standardized Services. Although dispute resolution is a traditional practice area, Duan & Duan manages these client needs as the process of non-litigation project to enhance the standardization of such services. It was good not only for the business management, but also to provide our clients the transparency and expectation about the case, which makes our clients more cooperative and to be confident of our services.

3. Efficient Services. The fast and well-suited network management system of Duan & Duan allows for the efficient provision of legal services. At the same time, efficiency is enhanced by assembling the most suitable legal team for each case due to the capability, of our lawyers, legal assistants and administrative staff.

 The clients of Duan & Duan Domestic Dispute Resolution Department are government agencies, public institutions, corporations and individuals. The Department provides the following legal services through national service networks:


l   Pre-litigation alert

l   Mediation and settlement negotiations

l   Civil action

l   Criminal action

l   Administrative action

l   Commercial arbitration

l   Enforcement