About Duan & Duan

In 1992, when lawyers were regarded as “law workers”,Duan & Duan’s founding partners had a vision. As Chinese students who had returned from studying abroad, Duan & Duan’s founding partners recognized that China was starting a new historical era of reformation. . Within a year of returning to China, Their passion and perseverance led to the opening of Duan & Daun Law Firm, China’s first individual partnership law firm.

The Duan & Duan brand takes pride in its core ideal of "many a little makes a mickle" and its high level of craftsmanship. Our global team of attorneys work together towards the common goal of leaving a significant and lasting footprint on China's legal landscape.

Through years of dedication to the China legal profession, Duan & Duan has become one of China’s leading law firms providing tailor-made services to its esteemed domestic and international clients.

Enterprise Culture

  • Duan & Duan values a reputation of high integrity. It seeks to safeguard justice,ensure social equity and promote human rights. The firm’s lawyers are respectable and ethical with Duan & Duan considering high integrity as an intangible asset.


    In addition to zealously representing clients and passionately enlarging the business,Duan & Duan attorneys also contribute to community affairs undertaking responsibilities as respectable citizens. Serving and “giving back” to society is not only the responsibility of Duan & Duan, but also the origin and nature of Duan & Duan business culture. Through Duan & Duan rapid growth, the people of the firm never forgot their social responsibility. They never stopped exploring for new social institutions or challenges in which to take responsibility and seek to make a difference.


    Duan & Duan values the spirit of team work, which is reflected in the daily work environment. From the inception of Duan & Duan, the concept of “our team” has been built upon as throughout all offices and continues to be the moral-fiber of the lawyers in our law firm. We share a unified attitude about culture,reasonable benefit distribution,risk-sharing,complete management,high-efficiency operation and cohesiveness.


    Duan & Duan legal team is extensively involved in legal research in both theory and practice. We routinely conduct research on the latest laws and regulations, and discuss them with each other.


    Duan & Duan attorneys embrace new legal fields and relevant legal practices as they progress and also conduct a great deal of research in topics with a long standing history.





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