Duan&Duan has always focused on the area of PPP mode and construction projects. When providing legal services regarding PPP mode, we specialize in the design of the cooperative framework, the compilation of a PPP implementation plan, competitive negotiation, and the design of PPP’s contract system. It is our strength on how to complete the construction of cooperative relations in a scientific, rhythmical and focused manner.  When providing legal services for construction projects, we have a keen knowledge of contract management and claim for compensation management, compilation of bidding documents and construction project documents and implementation on the supervision of project quality and cost for owners. We also have significant know-how with combination of claim for compensation and contractor’s  These projects require experienced lawyers to implement the step by step process, and our firm has this talent. When providing legal services for real estate, we have an in-depth real estate development model in some of the latest new forms (such as, the investment project on private-equity fund for real estate, real estate securitization, and the mode of project + property). Our law firm has always clearly understood new investment forms and has walked ahead of the times.