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Nagoya Office

The Nagoya Office was founded in 2017 to help Duan & Duan venture into the Japanese market. As trade between China and Japan grows increasingly active, Chinese investment in Japan is gathering steam; and Nagoya, situated in one of Japan’s top three economic circles, is especially famous for its manufacturing industry. Against this backdrop, Duan & Duan Nagoya serves the manufacturing sector with its know-how in foreign investment, and will further expand its reach in the Japanese market with a broader vision and more diverse practices.

Duan & Duan Nagoya develops the best solutions with its diverse expertise, and leverages its local network to provide comprehensive, professional, and premium services in line with Japanese laws and regulations. The office aims at solving problems every step of the way to maximize clients’ interests. In addition to Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture, the office also covers Tokyo, Osaka Prefecture, and Kyoto Prefecture. Through close cooperation, Duan & Duan Nagoya offers one-stop assistance across all the above geographies. 

Area of Expertise

The Nagoya Office offers the following services: Sino-Japanese trade consultancy; advisory and management for Chinese businesses’ investments in Japan; business registration filings, including the registration of legal persons, changes, employees, etc.; the acquisition, registration, etc., of Japanese real estate for Chinese businesses and individuals; application and renewal of student, dependent, and investor business manager visas.

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With its pursuit of excellence, Duan & Duan seeks to become a prestigious professional brand that offers world-class services. Through such development, Duan & Duan aims to cover every part of the world.

Received recognition

INTA Industry member

Member of equity Custody trading Center

Only member of USLAW NETWORK, Inc. Asia Pacific region

Federation of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises

2014-2016 Class A qualification of Shanghai Foreign consulting Institutions

Star Of Hope Law Firm - International Law Union Summit (ILASA)

Securities legal business qualification certificate

Top 10 fastest growing law firms in China

National Excellent Law Firm

Shanghai Civilized Unit

Shanghai Civilized Law Firm

Commercial law Firm of excellence

Chambers Corporate Law/Dispute Resolution Leading firm

Chambers, The leading dispute resolution law firm in Asia Pacific

Customer service

In addition, the Nagoya Office also represents Japanese companies for their legal affairs in China.

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